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115A Flint Road
Oak Ridge, TN

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Business, QuickBooks, Tax & Accounting Solutions

We can provide any or all of the following services:

  • Bank reconciliations and cash balance reports
  • All payroll functions, incl. quarterly and annual payroll tax reports.
  • Paying bills and managing accounts payable.
  • Preparing all required business tax reports and filings
  • Invoicing customers, posting collections, aging accounts receivables
  • Maintaining sales journals and general ledgers
  • Developing any customized reports for management use.

We will work with you to identify the services you need and to set up schedules for data to be collected, recorded, and handled professionally. That way, you're likely to save more than our services cost. Your in-house staff needs will be reduced, so you will reduce associated employee costs such as payroll taxes, employee benefits, training time and expense, equipment and software costs, and employee management costs.

FREE initial consulting and estimate of the service fees & cost savings for your business.